Wednesday, 30 May 2007

"The Sheep in Wolf's Clothing" - our retellings.

One day the wolf went into the sheeps pen and he hopped into some sheeps clothing. He thought he could get a sheep and the farmer came to kill the wolf.
Retold by Ned

Once upon a time there was a wolf. The wolf was stinky. He was tired of getting shot at by angry farmers so he got into a sheep skin. He went into the paddock. When the wolf was hungry he ate a fat lamb. For dinner the farmer went to the paddock. It was dark and he caught the first lamb he found. He got a fright when he found he had killed a wolf!
Retold by Georgia


katie.hadfield said...

I really love the website! I am excited that I can see what you are up to every day!
I cant wait to look again tomorrow to see what you are doing today!
Love from Georgias Aunty Katie

Anonymous said...

Hi Georgia. Your story about the stinky wolf was exellent and really funny too. Great job!! I'm looking forward to seeing more. I will translate it into Japanese so chiaki can enjoy it too. From Uncle Paul, Osaka City, Japan.

Ian & Carol McAleese said...

Great Stuff B2 - loved your story Georgia - you and all your class are so clever. Keep up the good work - Nan Carol & Pop