Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Picture: The Toys Arrived Safely!

Wow B2! Look at the child's face - what do you think they are thinking? Who can spot their toy?

Our toys have arrived in the Philippians at the Ruel House.

Last term we were learning about Our Responsibility to the Pacific Islands. We decided to give up some of our toys to help the sick children in the Philippians (even though the Philippians are not in the Pacific). The toys helped make the children happy who were having operations and staying at the Ruel House. By Maddison

At our Show and Tell day Johnny came to collect our toys to take to the Ruel House so that all the little children could have a cuddle with the teddies.
Today we found a picture on our blog of a child with all our toys. The child is from the Philippians and is staying at the Ruel
House. By Caitlin

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Marnie Thomas said...

Dear B2,
I am so impressed with your generosity. We also studied the pacific islands but I like the way your inquiry got you to come up with a way to help others. What is your topic this term?
Miss Thomas
Meadowbank School, Auckland