Thursday, 5 July 2007

How are your holidays?


Moturoa said...

Very Cool


Appleby School

Nelson, NZ

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Lietze and dear class-mates of Axel,
I am the grandma of your fellow-pupil Axel. By him I have seen with great pleasure the projects of the B2 Blog and what you are learning right now. That's great!!!

I am living far off from New Zealand, in Europe, from where certainly most of your ancestors came many years ago.

If you are eager to learn something about Europe, Mr Lietze and you could visit me. That's no problem: You just climb with Mr. Lietze into the SCIENCE FICTION LIFT in Tauranga and travel in a few seconds via internet through the middle of the globe!!! What an adventure!!! When you leave the LIFT you will have already arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. You are now in Europe, in Germany, and if you like we can explore together this part of the world, step by step. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Please let me know your opinion. With best regards to Mr Lietze and you all,
Oma Janello