Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Topic: Our Class Poll

We now have a live poll on our class blog. We are studying the Pacific Islands this term and would love to know which Island you have visited.

Have a go and watch the progress :+)


Anonymous said...

Hi there B2, I have been to one Pacific Island, Tonga. For three months we helped in a medical clinic for the locals. Ethans Mum

Anonymous said...

Hey B2. Pacific Islands are cool.
I've been to the Solomon Islands, to Tonga, and to Bougainville (part of Papua New Guinea, but very close to the Solomons).
Ethans Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi B2. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun learning about the Pacific Islands. I have been to Rarotonga two times. Rarotonga is part of the Cook Islands. It is a very sunny place and is really great for snorkelling.
From Tarsh - Miss Grangers flat mate