Friday, 21 September 2007

Podcast: Pacific Island Current Events

Lately we have been bringing our Current Events to school to share in groups. The topic has been the Pacific Islands.
Listen to what the children had to say.




Jason Meikle said...

Its very good to hear what you children are learning about. Can your teacher please tell me how I can send you photos of when I was in the islands.
Uncle Jason Meikle

Mr Lietze said...

Hi Uncle Jason
Yes there are a number of ways we can have a look at your photos. The easiest way would be too email me at: OR you can upload them to and I can paste your photo slideshow into our blog :+)

Anonymous said...

Awesome to hear the morning talks -this class is so clever!
Georgia's Nan Carol

Anonymous said...


Your mum tought me the address of this web site.
It is great to see what you are doing at school and how much you have grown!!


Kellee said...

This is a fan of Kalista! I love seeing your work babe.

You're class looks like they do lots of really fun things!

Kellee (and baby Ruben)