Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Video: Toys for the Ruel House

The Ruel House is a place in the Philippines. You can read about it, view pictures and watch a video at
B2 decided to help as part of our inquiry topic.

The video is about us giving up our toys. We showed love when we gave our toys to the Ruel House. It was generous of us. By Daniel

Music: Waitoto Children's Choir "Thank You Lord"


Marnie Thomas said...

What generous children you are B2. Well done for being so thoughtful!

Anonymous said...

What a class of wonderful and thoughtful children. What a great feeling to know your toys are going to make some less fortunate children in the world happy.
Well done B2.

Anonymous said...

To Mrs Thomas
Thank you for writing to us on our blog. We hope we will see some more comments from you. Some of us want to visit you too!
From B2

. said...

It was very good I liked it. It was nice. By FROM... ...EMILY