Monday, 27 August 2007

Writing: More Colour Poems

Green is the colour of grass and leaves.
Green tastes like sour feijoas and yucky grass.
Green smells like lovely broccoli and a leaf.
Green sounds like crunchy apples.
Green feels like a round smooth crayon.
Green looks like the tree in our classroom.
Green makes me feel scared because I'm afraid of it.
By Muskaandeep

Red is the colour of Santa's hat.
Red feels like a hot fire in someones house.
Red smells like sweet apple juice.
Red sounds like a person crunching an apple.
Red tastes like strawberries.
Red looks like red sunburn on my face and arms.
Red makes me feel happy and good.
By Georgia

Blue is the colour of our school uniform.
Blue tastes like cold blueberries.
Blue smells bad like my shoes.
Blue sound like a car and the rain falling.
Blue feels like a smooth blue paper.
Blue looks like a rubbish bin at the school.
Blue makes me happy and feel loved.
By Maddison


Anonymous said...

Mr Lietze,
You have some wonderful poets in B2. Keep up the great work.
Georgia's mum

Anonymous said...

To Georgia. Great work love your poem. from Caitlin

room 1 kks said...

Hello, my name is Siobhan and I am a year eight at Korokoro School. I liked your poems about colours it was real good. You can find my blog at
My class blog is at
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We would love your comments!

Anonymous said...

to maddison great work love
your poem from georgia.

Anonymous said...

to muskaandeep love your poem
from georgia.