Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Slideshow: Mr Hanna Shares About Tonga

When Mr Hanna came yesterday he sang a song with us. The song he taught us was called "Rejoice in the Lord Always." By Muskandeep

They talked about the Tonga which is in the Pacific Islands. We learnt that they have lollies in Tonga. By Lucas

He showed us some pictures of a small shop and the school. There are 50 kids at the school. By Millie

The Principal who is called Christopher, wanted the children to make the school clean and tidy. So Mr Hanna and his students painted a picture of a boy and a girl putting rubbish into a bin. Cindy my friend works at Christopher's school. By Kalista


Anonymous said...

Hi Kalista and B2,

It is great to see what you are learning in class about Tonga. Kalista is right we have a friend who is teaching in Tonga this year and really enjoying it.

Leana Kalista'a Mum

Marnie Thomas said...

Hi B2 - that is a great movie with a lovely song and I will share it with my class tomorrow. We have decided to do our inquiry on the uses of coconut trees (leaves, wood, coconuts) so please let us know if you find anything out about that!
Miss Thomas
Room 18
Meadowbank School

Anonymous said...

Hello from Australian Outback
Its nice to hear yous singing and learning about orther countrys. The singing is wonderfull. Hope to see more from you and your class.
Uncle Jason

Anonymous said...

So cool that you have your own blog!!! Sorry we couldn't find curlz the kitten, maybe next time! Will keep a look out for new updates on your blog site.

Keep cool to after school