Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Part 1: Kalista's Digital Christmas Story


Anonymous said...


What an amazing story that you wrote, and I love the way you used pictures as well as drawings together.
We are very proud of you.

Love Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

DearMum and Dad

Thank-you for putting a comment on my story. I really like your nice words that you used. I think you meant it from your heart.

Love Kalista.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kalista! Well Done!

I liked how you used the word "nice" to describe Mary.

I liked how you read the story.

You are a very PRECIOUS person Kalista! Always remember that!

Cindy (your older sister)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kalista,

Nan and Grandad were really thrilled with the story you wrote
about Christmas.We really liked the pictures that went with it to.

Well Done Kalista.

See you on Friday we cannot wait.

Love you.
Nan & Grandad from the Deep South.

Anonymous said...

to Kalista I like your
story see you next year
from georgia

Anonymous said...

To Georgia,
Thank you for your nice comment. Have a very nice Christmas and I hope to see you over the holidays.
From Kalista