Monday, 3 December 2007

Slideshow: Our Class Breakup

On Friday the class came to my house and we went down the plain white waterslide. When I did a bomb into the water my legs got biten by an eel. It felt like a little nip on my heal except it hurt more. By William

It was funny when Mr Lietze had a ride on the waterslide. He jumped onto his bottom and slid down the slide. He landed in mud at the bottom. By Bianca

Canoing was my favourite because it was new to me. I also liked going down the waterslide. It was yucky when we landed in the mud at the bottom. When we were watching the people go down the waterslide, suddenly there was thunder and lighting. BOOM! Then the rain came down. It went twinky twinky. William said that the Mums' could go up to their house for coffee and tea. By Ketsia

On Friday night at William's house we went canoing. I had my first time in a canoe and I learnt how to row backwards. I also went down the waterslide and then I got a big scratch on my leg because there was a sharp bit on the end of the slide and you got scratches from the grass. By Caitlin


Anonymous said...

Hi B2
It looks like you had a great time at William's place. Mr Lietze looks like he had fun going down the slide.
Mrs Tombleson

Marnie Thomas said...

Wow B2, you do some cool stuff. You have a very big backyard too!! Lots of space to play in.