Monday, 24 December 2007

The Year Has Come To An End

This blog has now finished it's journey. It will remain open for those students and families who wish to look back on 2007.

Note: The Teacher of this class has shifted classes and is now teaching a group of 10yr olds (Year 6 or Grade 5 students). You can find their blog called "E3" at


Anonymous said...

dear mr Lietze.I really miss you
heaps because I don't get to see you any more.I have gone to pyes pa shcool and our class is studying kitchen science and we made sachet,butter and we dehydrated lemons, oranges and gold kiwifruit when I was peeling
the gold kiwifruit I peeled some of my skin off we peeled the fruit then we cut them into slices then we put them in the dehydrater
I hope you enjoy teaching in

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lietze,I'm so sad that I had to leave B.C but,I am so happy that in a about 2 months I am going to turn 9!!Yay me!!!
I miss you so much hope you have a fantastic holiday.

From Rosalind.

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