Monday, 25 June 2007

Mr Page's Story about being Truthful

Today Mr Page is having his last day. After a few things Mr Page told us about when he was little. (Millie)
Mr Page got bullied by other children at school when he was a young kid. (Ned)
Mr Page wanted to play the trumpet when he was 13 years old. But when he carried it around he got embarrased. (Caleb)
He threw his trumpet away in the bush because he got so embarrassed and frigthened to take it to school. (Daniel)
Then he went home and his parents said "Where is the trumpet?" He said "I took it to school." Mr Page lied to his parents. (Dior)
11 years later he found his trumpet when he was at his parents house. (d'Artagnan)

Mr Page said he thinks he should have told the truth about how he felt carrying the trumpet. (Mr Lietze)

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I like the books. Dior