Friday, 22 June 2007

Today it erupted!!

"The volcano was big. The vinegar and baking powder, when mixed together made it explode" said d'Artagnan.

"I poured the vinegar into the volcano. It exploded. I saw orange lava come out. I felt happy" said Lucas

"I brought food colouring and we put the yellow and red colouring into the volcano" said Axel.

"I felt excited when the volcano erupted. It bubbled up, poured over the side and went down the river" said Bianca

Have a look at what happened for yourself by watching the video below.


Anonymous said...

WOW! That's really cool! We are Rosalind's friends from St Louis, Missouri in the US! It is so cool to be able to see your class events and especially the volcano. It looked like heaps of fun! Greetings to all of Rosalind's classmates from America!

The Smiths

. said...

I'v always wanted to do that experament!
I bet that was fun.

by: Ryan