Friday, 15 June 2007

Plant Fossils and our Crayon Rubbings

A leaf falls off a tree then dirt covers over top of it. The rocks go on top of the dirt and they push the leaf down. After a 100 years a scientist comes along and finds the marks the leaf has left. We call these marks fossils.
By Maddison.

Yesterday we made leaf rubbings to help us understand how plant fossils are made.


Anonymous said...

I like your Blog B2! Hector the dolphin was cool. The heroes and princess day looked like lots of fun. I think Allie had a great dress.

Allie's Uncle Jarrod.

Anonymous said...

How are you getting on?
I am impressed with your blog.
I am Kalista's sister.

By chihiro

Anonymous said...

I like lef mrk by Dior

Uncle Jason Meikle said...

Very good leaf drawings Kalista Love
Uncle Jason Meikle

Anonymous said...

Kalista, I saw a picture of you on your website. That is really neat. It is Cindy writing from Tonga! The children in my class in Tonga have been outside skipping today and we spent time cleaning the classroom (for more than one hour) because the classrooms get really dusty here.
From Cindy